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About Us

Intec Logic Global (ILG) LLC is an Information Technology(IT) consultancy Company established in Texas, USA. The organization is well versed in IT Security Risk/IT Auditing Training, Consultancy Services,  IT Security events, conferences, etc. ILG trainers offer practical and hands-on training for staff of corporate organizations and individuals interested in the IT Security Risk Management career. The company also offers Consultancy Services on Security Risk Management Programs, Audits engagements, etc.

Services We Offer

Our Services

Information Security Risk Management Training Program (Corporate)

Every organization needs to protect its information systems from unauthorized access and unacceptable losses by employing risk management processes that focus on the workforce who understand and appreciate the risk. A healthy risk culture among the workforce fosters open discussions and reporting on the risk that can avert disaster. The training helps IT Risk Practitioners and the organization’s workforce acquire knowledge in security risk and gain the skills to develop strategies to maintain satisfactory security posture for the organization.

HIPAA Security Assessment

Intec Logic helps its clients perform a thorough risk assessment to identify and document threats and vulnerabilities within their environment. We help clients develop corrective action plans after the assessment to remediate all identified findings.   


We Shelter Clients From Risk.

Our cyber consultancy solutions are proven to deliver significant savings when compared with regular  face-to-face consultancy.